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Whether you’re currently under investigation for a drug crime or have already been arrested, it’s important to retain criminal defence representation from a skilled lawyer who can provide you with an aggressive representation and a skilled defence. By working with a lawyer who has extensive knowledge, skill, and practice in this area of criminal law, your chances of resolving your case successfully increase immensely.


Possession of a dangerous drug is an offence we assist clients with regularly. Talk to us about your options.


Supply is dealt with more harshly than possession, but it is not uncommon. Find out what we can do to assist you.


Trafficking in a dangerous drug is one of the most serious drug offences. Understand this charge by talking to us.

Our Background in Criminal Law

Brisbane Drug Crime Lawyers has defended hundreds of people against drug charges throughout Queensland and has been very successful in resolving their cases favourably, whether by getting the charges dropped or reduced or winning your case in Court.

Brisbane Drug Crime Lawyer, Drug Crime Lawyers

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If you have been accused or charged of dealing in drugs, please call or email our office today.

Brisbane Drug Crime Lawyers, Drug Crime Lawyer

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We offer new clients a free 30 minute consultation to discuss their matter, providing a free case assessment.

Brisbane Drug Crime Lawyer

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We are actively developing new strategies in Court and are prepared to take your matter to trial.

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When a client comes to our office, we take the time to thoroughly review their charges, so we know what we’re dealing with and what type of defence strategy would be most effective. In addition, we never back down from the chance to defend someone and protect their rights. Even when the odds are stacked against us we’ll find a way to help our clients.

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You do not have to face this potentially disastrous situation alone. With a highly experienced and dedicated criminal defence lawyer at your side, you can make the right decisions about your case. You can challenge your charges and have the opportunity to avoid a conviction altogether, rather than accept a plea bargain that may actually be unfair given the circumstances of your case.

We Are Experienced and Qualified

If you have been arrested for any type of drug related offence, it is possible that you may face serious indictable charges and an extensive term of imprisonment if you are convicted. Depending upon the nature of the offense and the type and amount of drug involved, a Queensland drug crime may even result in up to 25 years imprisonment. Brisbane Drug Crime Lawyer, Bruce Peters offers his legal services in a number of areas of practice as relating to drug crime charges, including drug possession, cultivation, trafficking, manufacturing, distribution, prescription fraud and more.